How to enable Unicode language support in windows XP. Add foreign language support to Microsoft office etc.
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Thursday 9th July 2020

How to enable foreign language support .
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Step Two:

Regional and Language Settings The initial box displays the standards already set on your computer. The way in which your computer represents numbers, time, currency and date information.

If you need to change these settings it is a quite straight forward task and not covered in this tutorial.

To start adding another language, you will first need to know which existing language support you have enabled on your computer. To do this, click on the Languages Tab.

Language Settings BoxOnce you are in the Languages section, you can enable language support options for East Asian languages and right to left (bidirectional) languages such as Arabic, Farsi (Persian). Hebrew and Thai.

To add additional support such as keyboard mapping (emulate the way a keyboard works in your home country with this tool) click on Details.



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